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TERAKREDITASI Kemen Riset Dikti No 1/E/KPT/2015
Volume XXII No. 01 February 2018 (FAKULTAS EKONOMI UNTAR)

Brand Loyalty and The Moderating Role of Involvement: A Strategic Alliance Perspective in Indonesia Airline Industry

Anggun Pratama and Rizal Edy Halim
1 – 13
Analysis of E-Commerce Providers’ Role in Solving The Issues of Retail E-Commerce Logistics in Jakarta (Study Case of PT Acommerce Solusi Lestari)

Jony Oktavian Haryanto and Florencia Irene Chang
14 – 30
Active Family Control And Company Performance: The Role Of Foreign Investment Moderation And Bank Debt

Perminas Pangeran
31 – 46
Influence Of Product And Distribution Of Decision Of Consumer Purchase In Medan Sme Market

Dedy Ansari Harahap, Dita Amanah dan Fauzia Agustini

47 – 61
How Does Board Diversity Affect The Financial Performance Of Commercial Banks In Indonesia? An Inquiry

Maria Jacinta Arquisola, Kezia Shella and Erny Hutabarat

62 – 73
The Influence of Organizational Culture and Work Motivation Toward  Employee Performance (Case Study On Employees of PT Inoac Polytechno Indonesia)

Nuryasman MN and Eka Andana Suryaman
74 – 90

Analysis Competitiveness And Exchange Rate Effect On Indonesian Terms Of Trade 1995-2016

Francisca Sestri Goestjahjanti

91 – 103

Quality Approach In The Development Of Management Information System In Higher Education

Fory Armin Naway, Arifin Suking, Ikhfan Haris dan Abdul Rahmat

104 – 114

Exploring "Whistle Blower’s" Intentions: Exploration Study On University Students

Dodi Wirawan I.

115 – 123
Customer Satisfaction Low Cost Carrier: Stimulus And Its Con

Analysis Competitiveness And Exchange Rate Effect On Indonesian Terms Of Trade 1995-2016

FranciscaSestri Goestjahjanti
STIE Insan Pembangunan

The purpose of this research is to discuss and review the influence of competitiveness and exchange rates to Indonesian term of trade. The problem of this research is how the influence of competitiveness and exchange rate variable simultaneously and partially to Indonesian term of trade. This research used secondary data time series for 22 years since 1995 to 2016. The research method used explanatory research to explain the causal relationship between the variables in a model, through hypothesis testing. The analysis employed statistical technique of linear regression with the software SPSS -22 and E-views-7. The results of the researches showed that these variables competitiveness and exchange rate are simultaneously and partially give positive and significant effect on Indonesian term of trade.
Key words: competitiveness, exchange rate, term of trade.

124 – 138


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